The Best Clash of Clans Forums to Check Out in 2020 and The Ones to Avoid

Are you looking for Clash of Clans guides, builds, strategies, general tips, or a place to hang out with other CoC players?

We hear you – been there, done that. While Clash of Clans has been a solid game over the years, there has been a shortage in good forums as of late. Other than a handful of top CoC communities available, there are plenty of inactive boards popping up when you do an online search. In this article, we’ve listed down the most relevant Clash of Clans forums, group boards, and communities still around today.

Participating in a forum is a great way to meet new friends, exchange tips, join existing clans, or even form new ones. There’s no need to play alone! Visit one of the top forums to gain a broader view of how CoC works when you’re not raiding each other, but make sure to avoid the rest.

Top Clash of Clans Forums 2020.

1. Official Clash of Clans Forum on SuperCell.

The top forum for Clash of Clans is the official one from SuperCell because of the wide variety of topics covered. There’s a lot of threads to choose from, such as the basics of CoC, tactics, strategy, builds, and general guides. The official CoC forum also doubles as a place where users can share ideas, report bugs, and suggest improvements to the game. Since SuperCell hosts this forum, your suggestions and recommendations don’t fall on deaf ears.

The official Clash of Clans forum is also one of the best places to search for, start, or join big, established clans. Clan Talk has an extensive and thorough guide to creating and running your clan. The thread is also an excellent place for clan leveling and other critical information about clan building.

2. Clash of Clans Subreddit.

Next on the list is the Clash of Clans subreddit, which boasts of 230k members and 1.1k online users at the time of writing. The CoC subreddit has a plethora of useful clan management, strategy, and farming guides for all levels. It has links to partner CoC subreddits that focus on clan recruitment and base layouts, among others.

Forum members can also post questions about anything, from leveling to the best way to spend gems. Since this is Reddit, the forum has plenty of other threads to keep you entertained, like funny memes and humorous posts.

3. Clash of Clans Wikia on Fandom.

Another popular community is the Clash of Clans Wiki, which is like Wikipedia exclusively for CoC. The site has an impressive 959 pages of useful information about CoC, from Heroes to every Structure in the game. Want to know the stats on an Archer or the hitpoints of a Town Hall for each level? Everything is here. One of the best aspects of the Clash of Clans Wiki is its active community. If you have a question about anything, the forum members are ready and willing to help.

The Clash of Clans Wiki has three significant sections. Home Village handles information about your army, buildings, and spells. It even has a nifty cumulative cost calculator if you want to know how much resources and time it’s going to cost to reach a certain level. The Builder Base and Gameplay sections round up the other two, the latter focusing on clans, raiding, and strategy guides.

4. Clash of Clans Builder.

Clash of Clans Builder is an active forum that lets members choose a random base plan or create one from scratch. Users can make a “blueprint” of their base, and they can review the offensive and defensive numbers before playing the game. Other members can comment or grade the base plans and point out any weaknesses. If you ask us, it’s pretty impressive stuff, and you can avoid inefficiencies later in the real game.

The Clash of Clans Builder forum covers just about all the essential topics of the game, from build strategies to tactics and how-tos. The site itself is a joy to use due to its layout and simplicity, and the community is pretty active, with the site having 97,787 threads and 117,845 replies as of this writing.

CoC Forums to Avoid.

1. GameSpot Clash of Clans Forum.

Next up is Gamespot’s Clash of Clans board. Although a popular gaming website hosts the forum, there isn’t much going on here. There are no detailed guides in the “Cheats & Guides” section, and the last post was December 2019. What you can do is sift through the old posts and look for tactics and strategies that are hopefully still applicable today.

2. Gamerhub Clash of Clans Wiki.

There’s no information on the age of the CoC wiki on Gamerhub, but the site looks rather new and unfinished. All the sections don’t have content yet except for the homepage and Tier List maker, but these don’t reveal anything helpful. They do have a page on Discord with 3,109 members, 131 of whom were online during the time of writing.

3. ClashFarmer Forum.

ClashFarmer is not a full-blown CoC forum per se, but a community for devs and players who use the ClashFarmer bot. Please note that we are NOT advocating the use of mods and bots to play CoC because it’s cheating, and accounts caught get a permanent ban. Anyway, this forum has at least some information on build strategies and clan recruitment if you dig deeper, but it’s slim pickings at best. You’re better off going to the other forums mentioned earlier. As for stats, the forum has 14,377 posts, 2,182 threads, and 28,825 members.

4. NeoSeeker Clash of Clans Forum.

The NeoSeeker CoC forum had so much potential, but the site got relegated to a buy-and-sell board for CoC accounts and players looking for clan leadership. There’s not much activity on the forum, and there aren’t any guides, tips, or anything helpful. Plus, buying a CoC account from a random, untrusted user from a forum is not the safest way to go about doing it, so it’s best to avoid this board altogether.

Forums are Great for Guides, Tips, and Strategies.

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