How to Dominate the Competition on TH12: 5 Proven Tips to Improve Your Attack Strategy and Succeed

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Reaching the upper echelons of TH12 means tougher opponents ready to send your attacking forces packing.

If you’re tired of licking your wounds, read on. We’ll show you the top five town hall 12 attack strategies guaranteed to get you that coveted three stars.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Number 5: The P.EK.K.A BoBat.

Recent balance changes aside, this attack strategy still packs a punch for Town Hall 12. P.E.K.K.A.s have a 25-troop capacity, and you can use them to funnel even in tricky areas. Your focus should be to enter the main war base while maintaining the pathing of the P.E.K.K.A. and the Bowler. Once inside, they can take out the majority of splash damage.

Tips on Attacking with the P.E.K.K.A. BoBat:

  • You have to be strategic when choosing the right entry point when using the P.E.K.K.A. BoBat. Choose the weakest area of the wall.
  • Use a sacrificial P.E.K.K.A. to create a funnel that will allow you to push with your main pack.
  • Make sure that your Wall Wrecker runs through the Town Hall.
  • Use a Freeze Spell and Bats to take out areas with Wizard Towers and Multis while the P.E.K.K.A. draws their attention.

Number 4: Miners.

If you like sneaky attacks, you’ll love using this strategy. Miners can tunnel under structures, avoid damage, and hit targets. For comparison, Hog Riders and Balloons only target defensive structures. Miners attack everything in sight – even enemy Queens not accessible to your kill squad. Are you worried about the Town Hall, Gigabomb, or the Tornado Trap? Miners will duck under them.

Tips on Attacking with Miners:

  • This strategy creates pathing for the Miners, allowing them to come straight down the middle.
  • Attack two sections of the base using a Queen charge on one side and a King on the other. Creating two funnels is critical for success.
  • Miners will attack everything, even trash structures, and are susceptible to splash damage. A Healing Spell will come in handy.
  • Use a Stone Slammer to attack another section so the Miners can focus on attacking Multi Infernos.
  • A rage spell isn’t required, but you can use it on fortified areas of the base.

Number 3: Dragons.

Thanks to the 300-HP buff the Dragons got in the recent re-balancing, this attack strategy roars to the third spot at Town Hall 12. The strategy and troop movements are a lot like that of the Miners because Dragons attack everything as well. The Dragon’s chain attacks let you destroy more bases faster.

Tips on Attacking with Dragons:

  • Create pathing for the Dragons by using a Queen charge to weaken one side of the defenses and a King on the other. You can also use a few Dragons to create a funnel opposite the Queen charge.
  • Dragons are powerful but go down fast when facing a full-HP Tower Hall. Make sure to hit the Town Hall early on during scouting missions.
  • Send in Balloons first to take out Archer Towers, so you don’t lose a 20-troop capacity Dragon.
  • Use a Grand Warden for Rage and Freeze Spells.
  • Dragons attack everything and can get hung up on high H.P. buildings while taking damage. Use a Heal Spell in these areas.
  • Push your main pack of Dragons down the middle towards a damaged Town Hall. Dragons will make quick work of defenses if you can funnel their pathing into the base.

Number 2: Hog Riders.

Hog Riders ride in at number two at Town Hall 12. Their ability to destroy many bases when used as a kill squad combined with a Queen or the Sui method is sheer brilliance. The Queen charge remains the initial attack phase for now because a level 65 Queen is fantastic at pushing. With Hog Riders, you don’t need to worry about creating a funnel on the other side.

Tips on Attacking with Hog Riders:

  • The main focus of the attack is to get the Queen into the main area where she can take out the Town Hall, enemy Queen, Clan Castle, and Eagle Artillery.
  • Use a Queen charge to create a funnel on one side. A Lava Hound guarding the castle is there to slow your attack down, so be patient.
  • Use Minions to attack Lava Pups and to draw the attention of units attacking the Queen.
  • Use your King to take out the enemy King, or overwhelm him with Hog Riders.
  • Use Hog Riders to attack outer defenses early on and attack the opposite side when the Town Hall and enemy Queen go down.
  • Use cleanup troops to wipe out trash buildings.

Number 1: The Lavaloon.

The best attack strategy for Town Hall 12 by far is the Lavaloon. This strategy is potent, but you need to have mad skills to pull it off. Even if you buy a top-tier CoC account, without the proper technique, you won’t win. The main focus of this strategy is the enemy Queen because she can take down your Balloons. You can deviate from the plan if you can get value and create pathing.

Tips on Attacking with the Lavaloon:

  • Use Wall Breakers and Freeze Spells to attack Multi Inferno Towers if within range. The prongs of the Wall Breakers can take the towers down.
  • Don’t worry about the enemy King because he won’t attack your Balloons.
  • Be wary of Multi Infernos, Eagle Artillery, and Splash Damage. Use a Stone Slammer to help take these down.
  • Be sure to destroy the Eagle early on, or else it’s going to reduce your Balloons to shreds.
  • If you don’t have enough troops to distract a Multi, make sure you freeze it first.
  • You need to be precise when using the Lavaloon because they move slow. You can’t brute force attacks like Hog Riders. Take care of the outer defenses first.
  • Use a Grand Warden to counter a Gigabomb.
  • Make sure your Balloons clump together over a Town Hall so they can one-shot it or any defense that gets in their way. With Balloons, there’s strength in numbers.


There you have it, ladies and gents — the top five attack strategies for Town Hall 12 guaranteed to lay waste to your opponent and give you three stars (when done right). You can always grind it out and play CoC, but reaching the upper levels take time and a lot of gems. We know that many of you face the challenge of time, and we’re here to help!

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See you on the battlefield.

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